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New Dog Enrollment *Covid-19 Update*:


In order to register for Pilates and daycare/boarding services, a Mutt & Greet appointment must be completed. The initial appointment will be performed through Email only. Please follow the steps below at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. 


During the appointment we will perform a temperament screening to ensure your dog will fit well in our pack. You will receive an email after the temperament test with a report of how your dog behaved. 

We do not accept one-time drop-ins for Daycare and Boarding.


We are available Monday-Friday from 8AM to 10AM and 10AM to 12PM for this initial enrollment appointment. Your puppy will stay with us for 2 hrs without charge. Owners can not stay during the Mutt & Greet. Please pick up one:



8AM to 10AM  or   10AM to 12PM


Step 1: Email most recent vaccination records

             (only by US License Veterinarians)




Dogs 4 months or older require:





-Canine Influenza



Puppies 3.5 months old require: 


-Distemper, parvovirus (DAPP)

-Canine Influenza

-Bordetella: Seven (7) days waiting period.


Rabies and Leptospirosis can be given at 4 months, so these vaccines are not necessary at time of Mutt and Greet for 3.5 month old puppies. 


Your dog will also need to be on a monthly flea, tick and deworming preventative. 



Step 2: Complete Enrollment form and Contract (PDF links below)



Embarkadero Enrollment form 1>>


Embarkadero Contract 2>>



Step 3:  Please review our daycare guidelines and photo gallery. You're also welcome to walk by our facility to view our open daycare plan from our lobby. Please where a mask and utilize hand sanitizer prior to coming in, thank you. 

Daycare Guidelines>>

Boarding Guidelines>>


Gallery >>

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